What is Gamelengths? Gamelengths is here to answer the question "How long is it going to take me to finish that game?". Ever had the experience of trying to figure out which game to play next, but you don't want to start a 30 hour game? Maybe you're about to buy a new game, and you want to be sure that for 70 bucks you're going to get more than 6 hours of gameplay? Gamelengths will answer all these questions.

The content at gamelengths is all user-generated. This allows us to show you the median amount of time it will take to finish the game. You'll also get some other statistics, showing you what the best time anyone's recorded for the game. You can also search the other way - instead of starting with the game, you can start with the length. For example, not sure which Nintendo DS game to start next? You can search for action games on the DS that take between 10 and 15 hours to finish.

Gamelengths was founded by Pete and Paul, two gamers in Toronto who were frustrated that they couldn't find a source for gamelengths online.