Game Info

Platforms PS3 PSP PC 3DS Genre Puzzle
Publisher N/A Released September 10, 2013

Sequel to "Amnesia: The Dark Descent", A Machine For Pigs takes the story in a different direction.

Survival horror and puzzle.

04:16 Average Time
01:01 Minimum Time
10:00 Maximum Time

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BrokenDPad writes:

2013-09-10 07:58

Game was fun, but way too short.

secondcourier writes:

2013-09-11 15:48

It was a very good game, but way to short!

nerhael writes:

2013-09-12 16:05

Have either of you guys played through Outlast at all? I'm curious what people think of the one vs the other.

secondcourier writes:

2013-10-10 15:45

I've played outlast. Story isn't as good as A machine for Pigs story, and outlast is a bit longer. But outlast is WAY scarier.