Game Info

Platforms PS3 360 PC PS4 XBone Genre Action
Publisher Ubisoft Released February 25, 2014

Born a slave, Adewale found freedom as a pirate aboard Edward Kenway’s ship, the Jackdaw. 15 years later, Adewale has become a trained Assassin who finds himself shipwrecked in Saint-Domingue without weapons or crew. He now has to acquire a ship and gather his own crew to free the slaves and avenge them.

09:19 Average Time
01:01 Minimum Time
30:30 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

Member Console Play Time
fehaa PC 6.3 hours
imrancatz PS4 1.3 hours
fabby PC 30.5 hours
ChubblesTheGoat PC 5.5 hours
Zahth PS4 12.5 hours
DanteDevil666 PS3 7.5 hours
fk1999 PC 10 hours
arachni_name PS3 1 hours

retraffic writes:

2014-06-26 03:26

This page needs a bullshit meter...

Zahth writes:

2015-07-05 03:13

Exploring and completely nearly every sidequest and distraction will clock in around a dozen hours, but you can easily extend that time by enjoying the still fantastic ACIV ship combat.