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Platforms PS3 360 PC XBox Genre FPS
Publisher 2K Games Released March 26, 2013

The events of the game take place in 1912. The player assumes the identity of Booker DeWitt, a disgraced former agent of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. He had witnessed events at the Battle of Wounded Knee that changed him, leading to excessive drinking and gambling; he was subsequently dismissed for behavior beyond the acceptable bounds of the Agency. He is hired by mysterious individua... See more

15:16 Average Time
01:01 Minimum Time
126:21 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

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bradleypariah writes:

2013-03-31 01:05

Once again, the original poster neglected to mention the other platforms this game is available on. Good job. Seriously, if you have the concern to create a new page on this site, why on earth can't you trouble yourself to look up all the necessary info? It takes like 10 seconds. Instead of being helpful, you're making the site worse. Think about that.

phduffy writes:

2013-04-01 16:21

Thanks for pointing that out - I've added the PS3 and PC to the list of games this is available for. We're working on a feature that will let users make these types of changes themselves in the future.

hepder writes:

2013-05-17 07:06

Thanks, phduffy! You guys do great work with this site, and we are really grateful to have this resource available.

phduffy writes:

2013-05-28 20:43

Glad to hear it hepder. We're working on making improvements to make it a better experience for users - ultimately, the better it is for users, the more game lengths get entered, and the better the site is for everyone. As mentioned, stay tuned.

nagrazol writes:

2014-12-07 09:29

25h including the two single player DLCs

txd_rxd writes:

2015-12-30 13:39

14 hours 54 minutes to finish the main story. Cheers.

slowrunningfrog writes:

2017-06-18 04:58

9 hours, normal, levels 100% cleared, no dlcs

Zebron-IDZ writes:

2018-04-07 09:17

Bioshock Infinite on PC
~15 Hours 100% Completion
~19 Hours 100% Completion with all dlc