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Platforms PS3 360 PC Genre FPS
Publisher Activision Released November 12, 2009

Modern Warfare 2, the much awaited game of the year can be played in single order or in multiple player mode as it's all up to you. During the single player campaign you can control five different characters from a first person perspective and this is what makes the player more excited to play. Check out the following different characters of the game play of Modern Warfare2:

Sergeant Gary Sande... See more

50:31 Average Time
01:01 Minimum Time
1000:00 Maximum Time

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sodgim writes:

2013-01-07 23:01

I feel Infinity Ward does a better job than Treyarch. If you like MW1 then you will definitely like MW2 (which I feel is a better game). Have fun.

ThomasDietzman writes:

2015-11-22 02:10

Took me 17:30 hours to beat everythingies MW2

misterando writes:

2016-06-23 01:32

I am the maximum time of 1000 hours. I have over 3000 hours in MP. Best call of duty ever made, as long as you play on PC and have the DLC packs.