Game Info

Platforms PS1 SNES Genre RPG
Publisher Squaresoft Released January 01, 1970

Chrono Trigger follows the story of Crono, who was just an ordinary teenager living in 1000 A.D. until he has to follow his new friend Marle through a time portal to the past! With the help of his genius friend Lucca, and many other memorable characters met along the way, travel through the past, present, and future to unravel a story that has you fighting for the planet's survival across time its... See more

22:57 Average Time
01:30 Minimum Time
49:19 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

No play times recorded yet.

PunFiend writes:

2013-05-13 15:18

Just played through the whole thing in one sitting. 17 hours counting the two brief (5 minute breaks) I less than it looks like according to these stats. Although I do honestly love the game.

haiku writes:

2014-04-29 09:30

it took really long like 25 hours to me to play it through but it was worth it. i love-love-love the game. The music and everything.
i has fun. Although there were some really mean bosses that killed me quite many times. I tried to yell at them a couple of times but that didn't help :D
When i was about final battle i had been killed so many times i searched so help to kill Lavos
and i was lucky to get through and see one of the magnificent ends of this game :)

thatguy writes:

2015-04-20 21:20

I was looking at this and saw the release date had a typo considering games weren't created until 1972 and it says that chrono was released in 1969

thatguy writes:

2015-04-20 21:21

It was released march 11 1995

EmirStarshyne writes:

2017-04-22 21:02

I had the original cartridge, and I took 196 hours to finish the game in my first attempt. In that time I had a poor ENglish and it took me 3 months to reach level 47 and fight Lavos.
After some savegame losses, I tried again and again, and in 1999 I finally was able to finish the game in 12:45, with level 84. I tried to beat the game more times, and never was able to finish it in less than 12:45. In fact, I've got this record five or six times, so I decided to register it here to see how good I was in this game.
Never thought no one was able to beat it in less than 12:45 without bugs and glitches or cheats, it is something new to me, since it is the very first time I am part of a ranking, even though it is not an official one.