Game Info

Platforms PS3 PC Genre Puzzle
Publisher N/A Released September 07, 2012

Closure is a puzzle/platformer title that centers around the concept of light. Through each of the many levels, the goal is to reach the door at the end. Lighting is a key gameplay mechanic, as only platforms and walls illuminated by lightbulbs, or orbs of light the player can carry can actually be touched by the player. The player has to make use of the light source and light orbs in order to get... See more

08:28 Average Time
06:00 Minimum Time
12:00 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

Member Console Play Time
mtudor PC 10 hours
oswaldo_br PC 6 hours
laurence.poutine PC 12 hours
Powerslave PC 10 hours
lackofwords PC 7.7 hours
internetfett PC 9 hours
Stupidius PC 7 hours
deadfish90 PC 6 hours

lackofwords writes:

2014-10-17 08:21

Took me roughly 8 hours for 100% completion. This is from just first playthrough, and not using any walkthroughs for any of the puzzles.