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Platforms PS2 Genre RPG
Publisher Square Enix Released June 15, 2006

The game begins with the court jester of the kingdom of Trodain, Dhoulmagus, stealing an ancient scepter and casting a spell on Trodain castle. The spell turns the king, King Trode, into a troll; the princess, Medea, into a horse; and the rest of the castle’s inhabitants into plants. The only one left unaffected is the unnamed protagonist, a Trodain guard. The guard, King Trode, and Princess Med... See more

147:29 Average Time
67:00 Minimum Time
328:23 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

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Hex writes:

2012-10-22 22:13

Time varies greatly depending on whether you want to just complete the main storyline or finish every side quest and get the alternate ending. Main storyline generally takes around 70 - 90 hours while beating the game completely takes roughly 120 - 140 hours. If you just want the alternate ending only an additional 5 hours or so are need after the initial playthrough.

XxBruksxX writes:

2014-02-20 19:54

I spent 175 hours doing the main quest and at the same time, doing the sidequests, collecting some minimedals, capturing and fighting with monsters, playing in the casino til' getting all the items I nedded, and training with the cursed Metal Slimes in that mountain near Rydon's Tower, until all my characters were like level 66 or so.
But I couldn't keep training and getting all the items, the coolest armor for the hero, and making through the trials, because the game frooze when I tried to save it for continue playing after finishing the main story = S
So I guess you could make it until 10 hours more at least...