Game Info

Platforms PS3 360 PC Genre FPS
Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Released February 10, 2009

A routine assignment to locate the president of Armacham Technology Corporation in connection with an unfolding hostage crisis turns into a desperate battle for survival after an explosion decimates the city and unleashes Alma Wade, the terrifying supernatural menace at the center of Armacham's highly classified Project Origin. As Alma's power swells out of control, special forces Sgt. Michael Bec... See more

10:09 Average Time
05:05 Minimum Time
19:00 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

No play times recorded yet.

dholcombe writes:

2013-01-10 23:31

11 hrs 30 minutes. This includes the Reborn DLC. Unsure exactly how much of that time was on the main game.

Rcguitarist writes:

2014-09-04 00:16

7.7 hours for the main game on easy setting. This was my first playthrough.