Game Info

Platforms PS1 Genre RPG
Publisher Square Electronic Arts Released November 14, 2000

Set in the fantasy world of Gaia, Final Fantasy IX's plot centers on a war between several nations. Players follow a young thief named Zidane Tribal, who joins with several others to defeat Queen Brahne of Alexandria, who started the war. The plot shifts, however, when the characters realize that Brahne is a puppet for an arms dealer called Kuja.

52:35 Average Time
11:20 Minimum Time
110:40 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

Member Console Play Time
hinterland PS1 52.8 hours
nanimo PS1 42.6 hours
reinhartk PS1 41.4 hours
rmomega PS1 47 hours
Vem PS1 55 hours
underdog14 PS1 38.2 hours
seddon1000 PS1 110.7 hours
Misuky PS1 41.4 hours
XxBruksxX PS1 100 hours
FatheredCleric PS1 33.3 hours
dragoneric PS1 80 hours
nenjiavero PS1 75.7 hours
guip1408 PS1 35 hours
mtoons PS1 38.8 hours
leonffs PS1 11.3 hours
Yozki PS1 38.3 hours

XxBruksxX writes:

2014-09-16 01:51

Took me like 100 hours to complete all the side quest, minigames, like chocobo's, mogs, leveling to 60 something, playing cards. It might take like 60 if you only do the main quest and some minigames.

Moogy writes:

2015-02-01 08:40

Mastered the whole game except collecting all the cards. I have most of them though.
Only side-quest that wasnt fully completed was the Benero/Zenero side-quest from Memoria on Disc 4. I did spend the time on finishing it though but i failed to complete it right lol.
Lv1 playthrough with max stats, all items/chocobos etc on 110 hours

leonffs writes:

2016-09-20 18:13

Entirely possible to beat in around 10 hours or maybe even less. Hell to get the best weapon in the game you need to get partway through the final dungeon in under 12 hours.