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Platforms PS3 360 Genre Action
Publisher Deep Silver Released August 30, 2013

Killer Is Dead is the latest title from the demented mind of celebrated game creator, SUDA51, serving as a spiritual successor to his previous cult favorites, No More Heroes and Killer 7. Stylish cell-shaded visuals set the mood in this gritty, bloody, ultra-violent world where biomechanical augmentations increase the power of criminals and "executioners" alike. Mondo Zappa, a newly recruited exec... See more

09:37 Average Time
08:00 Minimum Time
11:13 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

Member Console Play Time
daimatty PS3 11.2 hours
MrSchnittlauch 360 8 hours

MrSchnittlauch writes:

2017-07-18 18:15

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