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Platforms PS3 PC PS4 XBone Genre Puzzle
Publisher Aspyr Media Released February 15, 2016

You take another drink as the canvas looms in front of you. A light flickers dimly in the corner. You’ve created countless pieces of art, but never anything like…this. Why haven’t you done this before? It seems so obvious in retrospect. Your friends, critics, business partners—soon, they’ll all see. But something’s still missing…

You look up, startled. That melody… Was that a piano? It sounded ... See more

03:03 Average Time
00:41 Minimum Time
05:30 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

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emeraldpity writes:

2016-04-02 22:12

This game took me and my partner 2.75 hours to finish, with me reading out loud every letter and other textual item in the game. You could probably play through it in 1.5 hours if you didn't actually engage with the game's content.

ThomasDietzman writes:

2016-05-25 18:49

Took me 2 hours and 45 minutes. This playthrough includes finding the hidden items and reading through the dialogue. Could be reduced by avoiding and skipping through any dialogue or hidden rewards