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Platforms Wii Genre Real Time Strategy
Publisher Rising Star Games Released April 24, 2009

Little King Story is an original single player simulation Role-Playing Game (RPG) designed and developed by some of the most respected names in the gaming industry. Featuring the efforts of Yasuhiro Wada (creator: Harvest Moon), Hideo Minaba (Art Director: Final Fantasy XII), and Youichi Kawaguchi (Main Programmer: Dragon Quest VIII), Little Kings Story combines life-simulation, real-time strategy... See more

20:15 Average Time
01:01 Minimum Time
39:28 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

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kaysow writes:

2012-12-17 15:47

100% - 39:28 according to the in-game timer. 49:03 according to reports on the wii, which would include idling, reloading and whatnot.

phduffy writes:

2012-12-18 06:26

I've got this game on my Christmas list. Can't wait to play it.