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Platforms PS3 DSi PC PS4 XBone Genre RPG
Publisher Bandai Games Released October 28, 2014

The game is set in a world where no sin is forgotten. Players take on the role of Harkyn, a convicted criminal whose sins are visible on his face, in the form of runes. The world's rulers are working to banish all evil from humans; it is unclear what exactly this might mean for someone like Harkyn. When an army of long-defeated gods attacks the human realm, Harkyn is released from prison with a ch... See more

14:51 Average Time
01:01 Minimum Time
22:03 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

Member Console Play Time
Sniffims XBone 22 hours
Misuky PC 12.9 hours
shaadzje PC 9.6 hours
thiago XBone 22.1 hours
Pupsinette XBone 21.5 hours
arachni_name PS3 1 hours

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