Game Info

Platforms PS3 PC Vita Genre Puzzle
Publisher N/A Released October 16, 2009

The goal of Machinarium is to solve a series of puzzles and brain teasers. The puzzles are linked together by an overworld consisting of a traditional "point and click" adventure story. The overworld's most radical departure is that only objects within the player character's reach can be clicked on.

04:10 Average Time
01:01 Minimum Time
07:00 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

Member Console Play Time
aprocita PC 7 hours
Friitz PC 4.4 hours
Peachpuff PC 5 hours
WithoutRemorse PC 5.6 hours
Kodos PC 5.6 hours
LonoXIII PC 2.3 hours
slowsnail PC 5 hours
Erasmus PC 1.7 hours
arachni_name PS3 1 hours

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