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Platforms PC iOS PS4 XBone Genre Simulation
Publisher N/A Released October 11, 2016

Manual Samuel is a classic adventure game with a wild twist. After making a deal with Death, our hero, the spoiled rich-kid Samuel, must survive for 24 hours controlling his entire body manually. From breathing and blinking to driving and working, all these tasks will fall to you. It won’t be easy, with Death himself tagging along for the ride, you might be in some very deep feces!


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04:15 Average Time
04:15 Minimum Time
04:15 Maximum Time

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Nimish129 writes:

2019-03-05 13:15

Took me 4 hours 15 minutes to complete a normal casual playthrough, a second playthrough to get remaining achievements, and gold on all time trials. The only achievements I didn't get were the co-op achievement and the one that you get when you get all other achievements.