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Platforms PS3 360 PC Genre Fighting
Publisher Konami Released February 19, 2013

METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE takes the renowned METAL GEAR franchise into exciting new territory by focusing on delivering an all-new action experience unlike anything that has come before. Combining world-class development teams at Kojima Productions and PlatinumGames, METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE brings two of the world's most respected teams together with a common goal of providing players ... See more

07:45 Average Time
02:03 Minimum Time
17:00 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

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bck writes:

2013-03-18 13:43

The 5 hours and 32 minutes was when going for all the secrets in the game. Don't let the gamelength prevent you from buying the game. It has a great replay-value (already played it for 4 times).

9kenny5 writes:

2013-10-27 11:33

4 hours, 54 minutes. Above average game.

DigitalCooper writes:

2014-02-11 21:12

4 hours and 8 minutes, very good game

irgaha writes:

2015-03-02 06:13

I'm the one with 17 hours. And yes, I know, I'm a noob.
Main Story, two extra Storylines without the healing Items and a few vr missions in hard mode.

DeadHomie writes:

2015-08-04 17:51

2 hours below minimum

Cerno_b writes:

2017-04-02 13:49

I clocked in at 6:30 on Normal, started with listening to a lot of radio conversations but stopped doing them about mid-game to get to the ending faster.

I also only really understood the game mechanics after I got stuck on the Monsoon fight and had to practice on some of the VR missions - only to notice there were a few tutorials I had missed.

Overall pretty enjoyable game, much less goofy than MGS3 (which really destroyed the mood of that game for me). I would give it 8/10.