Game Info

Platforms PS3 Genre RPG
Publisher Namco Bandai Released January 24, 2013

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, a heart-warming tale of a young boy named Oliver, who embarks on a journey into a parallel world in an attempt to bring his mother back from the dead. Along the way, Oliver makes new friends and adopts many of the wonderful creatures that inhabit the world, raising them to battle other creatures on his behalf as he takes on formidable enemies. Developed by LEV... See more

71:38 Average Time
39:40 Minimum Time
125:00 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

No play times recorded yet.

Thetate00 writes:

2014-01-21 16:01

Great game, I did get a little antsy at the end because I needed to grind for the final boss

Grovonion writes:

2014-03-19 03:45

my time, 107hrs45mins, I needed to reach platinum.

ReSe2k writes:

2014-10-12 06:58

Took me about 125hrs for the Platinum throphy. Good game with an fantastic soundtrack!

Biscariot writes:

2015-03-06 22:56

122 hours to platinum .. 30 of it spent on grinding items for the mad scientist trophy

Tsubaki_14 writes:

2015-06-16 16:41

96hrs to platinum, enjoyed every minute of it!