Game Info

Platforms Gamecube Genre RPG
Publisher Nintendo Released July 22, 2004

Get ready for a new role-playing adventure as Mario returns to paper form to stop a dangerous threat. In Paper Mario 2, Mario can dodge, inflict damage, and impress the crowd to strengthen his attacks. Also, Mario and his friends have more paper abilities. They can now turn sideways to slip through cracks, fold into a paper airplane to fly, roll into a tube, and more. They can also use a variety o... See more

52:03 Average Time
01:01 Minimum Time
160:00 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

Member Console Play Time
Nook Gamecube 54.8 hours
Sarvaia Gamecube 18 hours
Vinceben Gamecube 27.6 hours
Vinceben0 Gamecube 27.6 hours
Ben Stiller Gamecube 93.8 hours
GustavoGugs Gamecube 33.7 hours
arachni_name Gamecube 1 hours
Ana_Bricabrac Gamecube 160 hours

Sarvaia writes:

2013-10-08 22:03

Takes around 10 hours if rushed