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Platforms PS3 360 PC Genre RPG
Publisher N/A Released January 24, 2013

Created by Zeboyd Games, Episode 4 is the final installment in the Penny Arcade series; like its predecessor, Episode 3, it is in a 16-bit graphical style.

21:00 Average Time
13:00 Minimum Time
29:00 Maximum Time

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DoppelDecker writes:

2016-01-04 11:58

I'm on the fence about this game (the whole series, actually). It's a mix of strange inside jokes which you probably won't get or appreciate unless you're a hardcore Penny Arcade fan (which I'm not), weird writing which utilizes unnecessarily fancy vocabulary (thanks to Jerry Holkins who apparently has a sort of a fetish for words), and less than mediocre gameplay. The gameplay is almost a carbon copy of a typical 16-bit era Final Fantasy style JRPG with way too many grindy encounters. The ending is beautiful though, and it almost makes up for the rest of the game being so bad. Almost, but not quite. I still think 99% of the time I spent on this game was a total waste. My time isn't worth much, so that's saying something.

I wouldn't recommend this game unless you're either a hardcore Penny Arcade fan or a PC gamer starved for JRPGs with 16-bit graphics and who is really, really bored.