Game Info

Platforms PS3 360 PC Genre Action RPG
Publisher Deep Silver Released August 12, 2014

The world of the RPG Risen 3 is abandoned by all gods and suffers from the Titan Wars when a new threat emerges. A young warrior is attacked from the darkness and deprived of his soul. He intends to reclaim what is lost amidst the shadows that is spreading throughout the world. The banned Mages might be powerful allies on his quest. To attain their help, he must find the Mage sanctuary on Taranis,... See more

51:03 Average Time
24:09 Minimum Time
80:00 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

Member Console Play Time
Chordian PC 38.5 hours
cyberangel PC 54 hours
mossi93 PC 39 hours
linclin PC 80 hours
mmedyk PC 62 hours
Aigh90 PC 24.2 hours
wejo007 PC 72.6 hours
KocicaK PC 39 hours
musty PC 57.3 hours
papasmurph PC 48 hours
Shoninyastube PC 47 hours

mossi93 writes:

2014-09-11 01:08

39 hours for one playtrough with all sidequests

Aigh90 writes:

2015-05-19 09:23

It got boring after some time, always the same kill this, find that so i just closed all the portals and finished the game. All this rolling around makes you invincible and flight of parrot is fun but it allows you to pass just by all creatures.