Game Info

Platforms PS3 360 PC Genre RPG
Publisher Bethesda Softworks Released November 11, 2011

The next chapter in the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls saga arrives from the makers of the 2006 and 2008 Games of the Year, Bethesda Game Studios. Skyrim reimagines and revolutionizes the open-world fantasy epic, bringing to life a complete virtual world open for you to explore any way you choose. Story: The Empire of Tamriel is on the edge. The High King of Skyrim has been murdered. Alliances f... See more

326:08 Average Time
00:01 Minimum Time
6300:47 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

Member Console Play Time
engnir1 PS3 289 hours
Manatubear PS3 105.4 hours
kaysow PS3 66.7 hours
Le_Mental PS3 680 hours
Sacerdos_Dei PS3 101.9 hours
BlueWicked PS3 82 hours
Alpha2797 PS3 94.2 hours
Khal137 PS3 187.6 hours
ReSe2k PS3 153 hours
Sparky PS3 234 hours
lljurill 360 109 hours
mysn07 360 77.8 hours
SAMAGEinc 360 165 hours
swampymux12 360 125.8 hours
samgg 360 4.2 hours
emppu 360 79.5 hours
orteipDD 360 528.3 hours
dentedhalo 360 105 hours
liorfigman 360 213.3 hours
kok 360 118.4 hours
MichaelG4 360 400 hours
garethevenden 360 198.9 hours
BENNAYKOOPA 360 500 hours
Sticky Viking 360 102 hours
Tarek 360 80 hours
Deesepps 360 1350.5 hours
Trollmaster101 360 0 hours
sasuke112 360 41.2 hours
phduffy PC 72.5 hours
misterlsn PC 145 hours
Firfiricos PC 30 hours
BenRFC PC 68 hours
ddicato PC 125 hours
jay666 PC 100 hours
hovdog PC 200 hours
Saintan PC 160.1 hours
Anguy PC 122.7 hours
IcyDeadPeople PC 772.2 hours
Valkiersmd PC 71 hours
Rosveen PC 240 hours
Omen PC 75 hours
DominatingDodo PC 792.4 hours
SquidMountain PC 150 hours
Agentsolo513 PC 124 hours
jdevans PC 250 hours
PrimeTinus PC 39 hours
Aphadan PC 146 hours
FrozenLord PC 56.2 hours
Clawed PC 100 hours
docmars PC 100 hours
rosebudius PC 49 hours
Puhehuhe PC 300 hours
henrypenn1 PC 25 hours
imranfarid PC 780.2 hours
Snowinggnat PC 242.3 hours
JesusOnToast PC 802 hours
ArielMX PC 140 hours
hey4times PC 70.2 hours
wippe PC 177 hours
Spawn PC 91 hours
SimpleJack220 PC 88 hours
tom10320 PC 500.2 hours
RandomGamer1337 PC 1000 hours
Foorger PC 88 hours
Gekko PC 143 hours
Desda PC 80 hours
lifebringer PC 100 hours
Norrman PC 179 hours
Sniperoll PC 47 hours
Aetheer PC 205 hours
varkyrion PC 68.6 hours
ActWan PC 80 hours
Ravenwolf PC 350 hours
JustinLarson1729 PC 66 hours
Maxpower PC 2657.4 hours
superskye PC 337.8 hours
sahaj_pal PC 70 hours
screwed PC 149 hours
athramantis PC 43 hours
Naget PC 109 hours
superrikje PC 216 hours
Gru PC 0 hours
HeyJ PC 29 hours
Formanden_DK PC 2800 hours
Rusty PC 250 hours
TheBeast135 PC 6300.8 hours
plentyofpaper PC 345 hours
Energiverket PC 653 hours
Rockbelt PC 250 hours
GoldenSik PC 249 hours
xris5 PC 32.7 hours
janhagel PC 120 hours
nenjiavero PC 12 hours
flupepic PC 230 hours

engnir1 writes:

2012-07-27 14:13

I have played for 289 hours and have done just about everything one time, and this time does not include the Dawngaurd DLC since I do not have that yet. I know that there are quests that never end like the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild quests, but I do search every nook and cranny for anything! I play on the PS3 and have over $600,000 septims. I've never used any glitches and everything I did in this game was genuinely done by me. I do have the guide book for this game and mark things off as I complete them. I would really be surprised if I had more than 5 more hours left to complete the petty quests that don't even show up on your quest log like "go find me this book from this person" type of quests. Great game though and probably one of the best I have ever played.

kaysow writes:

2012-11-25 05:03

66 hours to complete main quest, dark brotherhood, and some other interesting branches until i got bored and wanted to finish it up.

DominatingDodo writes:

2013-02-10 13:15

I just kept playing, and playing, and then bought a pc, and kept playing, and it just reached 800 hours o.o

PixelPusher writes:

2013-05-01 16:50

800 Hour WTF it's about 33 Days you're a LIAR A BIG FAT LIAR

Le_Mental writes:

2013-05-13 21:07

680h with all DLCs and nothing left to do.

Grizzerd writes:

2013-12-26 09:28

200 hours for main storyline and most faction quest lines complete. Level 47

Tarek writes:

2014-02-01 20:25

Omg, people you like to lie a lot....
I finished main quest, companion, wolferne, vampire, nightingale, thief, magic school, and build most skills to max, maybe bscause I am really good gamer.

Tarek writes:

2014-02-01 20:25

Sorry, 60 hours.

Carter2rucker46 writes:

2014-02-04 18:36

Man it took me 15,000 hours but I am too embarrassed to post.

Adolf_Chaplin writes:

2014-05-19 16:05

@ Carter2rucker46
Way to ruin the actual numbers. 15,000 hours is nearly two years in raw time. Given that the game only came out 2 years and 4 months before your post that leaves you with almost a half year worth of time not playing, ie doing things that aren't the game. Mods need to remove your time as it ruins the projects average and total maximum.

ReSe2k writes:

2014-10-12 07:28

Finished the game and got the Platinum throphy in about 153 hours.