Game Info

Platforms PS3 PS4 Genre Action
Publisher N/A Released June 14, 2013

20 years after a pandemic has radically changed known civilization, infected humans run wild and survivors are killing each other for food, weapons; whatever they can get their hands on. Joel, a violent survivor, is hired to smuggle a 14 year-old girl, Ellie, out of an oppressive military quarantine zone, but what starts as a small job soon transforms into a brutal journey across the U.S.

35:09 Average Time
01:01 Minimum Time
1000:00 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

Member Console Play Time
phduffy PS3 14.5 hours
nerhael PS3 18.6 hours
Bradach PS3 15.6 hours
drauger PS3 19 hours
Patcrino PS3 14.1 hours
SparTim0124 PS3 17.3 hours
zanyboy786 PS3 17.7 hours
CamKatarn PS3 13 hours
bck PS3 18.4 hours
Lauri PS3 18 hours
Lord Lindsay PS3 16 hours
Rcpimenta PS3 18 hours
PM7X PS3 15.6 hours
MariusJofe PS3 20.9 hours
varsas PS3 21.1 hours
dmr30 PS3 18.6 hours
Danny_1988 PS3 15.8 hours
Thretau PS3 11.8 hours
AMesquita PS3 17.5 hours
mrMETSfury PS3 17.3 hours
noel3679 PS3 9.5 hours
Fewfeet PS3 20.3 hours
jwired21 PS3 14.2 hours
Arkard PS3 15.5 hours
JonnyBigBoss PS3 15 hours
creamassault PS3 19.1 hours
DarkTurian PS3 9.2 hours
binarymelon PS3 15.5 hours
Jorelle PS3 13.3 hours
Lawlight PS3 18 hours
Halfman PS3 12.5 hours
connoraxel5 PS3 16 hours
diLopes PS3 12.5 hours
heychrisfox PS3 14 hours
Hedgoeg PS3 15.5 hours
supderdeluxe PS3 11.1 hours
LMnd PS3 12 hours
fretzen PS3 24.2 hours
dangarbri PS3 17 hours
hey4times PS3 13.7 hours
Vinnie1234 PS3 14.3 hours
caidus PS3 13.4 hours
bezhusan PS3 24.1 hours
kacboy PS3 12.5 hours
millennium PS3 16.6 hours
cyberangel PS3 12 hours
eror PS3 13.3 hours
Sadrow PS3 9 hours
BlueWicked PS3 17 hours
FinalHybrid PS3 22.8 hours
Machzy PS3 15.5 hours
Hang_The_PopeVII PS3 12.5 hours
Oik Face PS3 19 hours
dubai1991 PS3 11.8 hours
gamerevo PS3 20.5 hours
DoOrDie PS3 23.6 hours
AcidDvl PS3 15.5 hours
charlie_martel PS3 18.5 hours
ph03nxd0wn PS3 25 hours
OneDillion PS3 21.6 hours
thebox997 PS3 13 hours
XxBruksxX PS3 23 hours
jasonmyster PS3 14.9 hours
RaFfro PS3 15 hours
jrintelman4jc PS3 12.6 hours
panterror PS3 22.1 hours
daimatty PS3 10 hours
xBx182 PS3 12 hours
marwin PS3 20.1 hours
aseddon130 PS4 12 hours
Khal137 PS3 17.9 hours
WhizII PS3 14 hours
ReSe2k PS3 15 hours
zoli987 PS3 15.8 hours
Drakon Maximus PS3 14 hours
biokrysty PS3 16.6 hours
Vinceben0 PS3 14.1 hours
mrskenandore PS3 12.8 hours
green PS3 20.7 hours
Fantinja PS4 12 hours
chickaida PS3 13.5 hours
gonboka PS4 13.4 hours
sg6514 PS4 15 hours
Blaznek PS4 14.4 hours
MeanMrMustard PS4 15.8 hours
Burpopo PS3 5.9 hours
RoZa93 PS3 19.4 hours
johhnnywright PS3 22.8 hours
GuthixJr PS3 17.4 hours
NameOfKell PS3 17 hours
TiQ PS4 12.2 hours
arman PS4 20 hours
Goatbrainsandwich PS4 12.2 hours
picklesjr PS3 11.1 hours
valchek PS3 14 hours
cinziann PS4 20.9 hours
nl8 PS4 19.5 hours
muff_diver PS4 1000 hours
Nilanjan Banerjee PS4 2.3 hours
arachni_name PS3 1 hours
jjjj PS4 1000 hours

zanyboy786 writes:

2013-06-18 04:12

Needs to be even longer

zanyboy786 writes:

2013-06-18 04:14

Take long if your explore and look for all the hidden items

Danny_1988 writes:

2013-06-22 14:25

Fantastic game only wish it could be longer, hopefully the dlc s will be good and lengthy

bck writes:

2013-06-30 18:20

18 hours and 25 minutes when scavenging/exploring a lot.
Definitely worth playing!!!

JonnyBigBoss writes:

2013-07-09 23:01

It's 14-18 hours depending on how much you explore and what difficulty you play on.

Halfman writes:

2013-07-12 14:36

Thought I would end up in the 14 hour range, was surprised to only see 12 and a half. I looked around a fair bit too I didn't look for collectibles though

ph03nxd0wn writes:

2014-01-07 20:46

Played on 'hard' difficulty, ended up with 25 hours with hell of a lot of exploring, looting. I suggest everyone the 'hard' difficulty. At the beginning you have to take care of your ammo. Make every shot count, but from the half of the game, you will have more than enough, so you can even miss quite a lot... :-)))

OneDillion writes:

2014-02-05 10:45

21 hours 38 minutes for me. I played on easy because because I'm a newb with this genre. Took my time exploring too (although I still missed a bunch of stuff apparently). I had to play in a brightly lit room :/

aseddon130 writes:

2014-08-11 13:26

i'd put it at about 12 hours on normal, i felt like i did a decent amount of exploring too. I played the Remastered PS4 version whether that makes a difference.

Blaznek writes:

2015-04-21 23:02

I'm not a fan of this kind of games, survival, but this game was awesome! It took me 14 hours and 26 minutes on hard mode to finish.

Burpopo writes:

2015-06-10 05:55

5 hours 55 minutes and 27 seconds when speedruningoPower
Speedruning on normal.
Truly the best game ever.

Fantinja writes:

2017-02-16 15:45

Can't wait for The Last Of Us Part II !