Game Info

Platforms Gamecube Genre Action RPG
Publisher Nintendo Released December 11, 2006

In the next chapter in the Legend of Zelda series, Link can transform into a wolf to scour the darkened land of Hyrule. With the help of Midna, a mysterious being, you must guide Link through hordes of foul creatures and challenging bosses using new moves and a new horseback combat system. Many puzzles stand between Link and the fulfillment of his quest, so you must sharpen your wits as you hunt f... See more

49:49 Average Time
01:01 Minimum Time
100:03 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

Member Console Play Time
hepder Gamecube 69 hours
andremiguens Gamecube 55 hours
Nook Gamecube 32 hours
simnys978 Gamecube 40 hours
acitx Gamecube 100.1 hours
TheMightyGloom44 Gamecube 51.6 hours
arachni_name Gamecube 1 hours

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