Game Info

Platforms PS3 Gamecube 3DS Genre Action
Publisher Nintendo Released June 19, 2011

The classic game that tops many "Best Game of All-Time" lists comes to the 3DS!

71:04 Average Time
01:01 Minimum Time
1000:00 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

Member Console Play Time
xxgameoverxx 3DS 22.8 hours
Bradach 3DS 26 hours
andremiguens 3DS 25 hours
sephcast 3DS 25 hours
Wickhmar 3DS 42.5 hours
Soadhl2 3DS 16.8 hours
pflaume 3DS 23.7 hours
rohandante 3DS 40 hours
Joshdilisi 3DS 18.5 hours
Alpha2797 3DS 50 hours
Anoniem Gamecube 14.8 hours
Linkfan99 3DS 19 hours
Vinceben 3DS 16.9 hours
ReSe2k 3DS 34.9 hours
Vinceben0 3DS 17.9 hours
skriabin 3DS 40 hours
Troll_x Gamecube 3 hours
lazyhypocrite 3DS 40 hours
titanshark Gamecube 14.7 hours
Prinny 3DS 1000 hours
arachni_name PS3 1 hours

rohandante writes:

2013-05-29 10:00

Played this On Pc ( by N64 Port ) ...!!!

Alpha2797 writes:

2014-04-17 05:59

Approximately 50 hours to 100% the game. The sidequest that will take the longest to complete is finding all of the gold skulltulas if you don't know where they're at.

ReSe2k writes:

2014-10-12 07:08

About 35hrs for a simple, first-time playthrough.