Game Info

Platforms PS3 PC Genesis PS4 Android Genre Puzzle
Publisher N/A Released December 11, 2011

The Talos Principle is a narrative-device puzzle game, played from a first-person perspective. The player takes the role of a robot with a seemingly human consciousness as they explore a number of environments that include over 120 puzzles.These environments interlock greenery and stone of ruins with futuristic technology.

26:46 Average Time
01:01 Minimum Time
80:00 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

Member Console Play Time
Clawed PC 13.8 hours
Metacarpus PC 25 hours
brutales PC 17.6 hours
omegazion PC 32.8 hours
TheSeahorse PC 12.7 hours
NZ/X PC 25.6 hours
AlexSurin PC 80 hours
musty PC 35 hours
Egres PC 28 hours
Logarto PC 23 hours
arachni_name PS3 1 hours

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