Game Info

Platforms PS3 PC PS4 XBone Genre Action
Publisher Square Enix Released February 25, 2014

There is a rising tide of fear in The City. Hatred saturates every stone and whilst the rich prosper, the less fortunate face misery and repression. Ravaged with sickness and famine, they wait for something to change.

Into this shadowy world steps Garrett, THE master thief in Thief, a reinvention of a franchise that helped define an entire genre of games. This first-person adventure features in... See more

25:32 Average Time
01:01 Minimum Time
91:00 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

Member Console Play Time
psychofox PC 30 hours
Rcpimenta XBone 30 hours
donfr3ddy PC 14 hours
walla6 PC 19.7 hours
cyberangel PC 30 hours
Misuky PS4 35.1 hours
Wafu PC 11.6 hours
TheChronicGamer PC 25.6 hours
Welmer PS4 26.8 hours
imrancatz PS4 52.2 hours
Beardwearer PC 15.2 hours
dpkporwal PC 19.9 hours
Pecosek PC 12 hours
KathyTheGreat PC 29 hours
garf600 PC 91 hours
Erense PC 23 hours
TheTitan PC 11.1 hours
pleb since 2k16 PC 22 hours
Yury Vashurin PC 20 hours
shinypants PC 22 hours
DarianBax PC 15 hours
Megaman53K PC 33 hours
papasmurph PC 18 hours
tannu3962 PC 34 hours
chacks1 XBone 22.8 hours
arachni_name PS3 1 hours

mars_altgr writes:

2014-03-28 11:55

52 hours should be if your really played it for the first time and are looking for all the available loot in the game.

Rcpimenta writes:

2014-06-18 10:21

60 hours on first gameplay getting all loots... and 15 hours on second gameplay to the master achievements and 100% of the game.