Game Info

Platforms Wii PC PS4 Genre Action RPG
Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Released August 30, 2016

In The Witcher 3 an ancient evil stirs, awakening. An evil that sows terror and abducts the young. An evil whose name is spoken only in whispers: the Wild Hunt. Led by four wraith commanders, this ravenous band of phantoms is the ultimate predator and has been for centuries. Its quarry: humans. The witcher must bring all his abilities to bear in confronting this ancient force, these ghastly spectr... See more

135:47 Average Time
65:21 Minimum Time
220:00 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

Member Console Play Time
Almity PC 200 hours
M4rty PC 65.4 hours
valchek PS4 111.4 hours
fk1999 PC 220 hours
Kotortom PS4 114 hours
Vedan PS4 110.3 hours
adnap PS4 117 hours
QuestionMarkMan PC 124 hours


2017-01-03 10:23

Did the main story and the heartstone DLC twice just before the Blood and Wine DLC came out. So thats why it is like 160 hours total