Game Info

Platforms Wii U Switch Genre Action RPG
Publisher Nintendo Released March 03, 2017

Zelda appears here carrying a Sheikah Slate, an important item in the Legend Zelda: Breath of the Wild game. While her fate remains shrouded in mystery, the princess is at the core of Link's adventure in Hyrule.

142:00 Average Time
35:00 Minimum Time
250:00 Maximum Time

Member Play Times

Member Console Play Time
Lauri Switch 70 hours
monezamipoor Wii U 180 hours
louderup Switch 120 hours
verg Switch 180 hours
Ikaruga Switch 150 hours
Bruh Wii U 130 hours
Goldsword44 Switch 180 hours
R2Dont2 Switch 185.5 hours
SuperHer0brine Switch 110 hours
dbzfan2012 Switch 250 hours
Maxamis007 Switch 55 hours
Assassin286 Switch 35 hours
tstobbs Switch 200.5 hours

verg writes:

2017-04-13 11:22

180+ hours for almost 100%. Not even take all clothes but 450 korok seed

monezamipoor writes:

2017-06-18 15:03

180 for 100% completion.
taking all cloth and all shrines and all clothes upgrades and all inventory upgrades and completing the gallary and side questes.

Assassin286 writes:

2018-05-25 11:18

I didn't played it trough 100%, but till the "End boss".